03 July, 2006

Keira Knightley is looking Fine!

WOW. I always knew Keira was an attractive woman... but she looked absolutely perfect when attending the Pirates of the Caribbean UK premiere. Personally i still think she looked her hottest when she was in Bend it like Beckham, it was the cropped hair that did it for me... uhm, NO, it was not the fact she was playing an underage schoolgirl!

Here's a video of the event: Keira @ Pirates Premiere


Anonymous said...

What's the word I'm looking for...?

Oh, yeah: WOW!

Anonymous said...

Hey dude, we've got a tip that this is Keira Knigthly, 17 years old. Do you think it's her or a HOAX?


Anonymous said...

where's that damn Cox baby when you need it?

EvilCorporateWhore said...

definitely a "hoax," man. that looks nothing like her.

although she has done underage nudity... go rent The Hole. she's topless in that flick. i haven't seen it yet, but i heard it's pretty decent.

hmm, Keira was born in '85... The Hole was filmed in '00, released in '01. uhm, that would mean she was only... yikes.

matty said...

that looks nothing like her anony. not at all. by the way she doesn't look good. too skinny, no titties and like skeletor with raccoon eyes. she's looked a lot better/

tech said...

Way to skinny. She was getting asked on the red carpet if she had an eating disorder.

EvilCorporateWhore said...

yeah, i heard about that. she stated her grandmother and aunt(i think) had eating disorders but she does not.

i believe her, why cant a girl just be skinny? not everyones body type is exactly the same, she's just an ectomorph.