03 July, 2006

Pamela Anderson - Staying Power

It's safe to say that Pamela Anderson and her infamous store-bought chest aren't going away anytime soon, not that i want her to... because even though i'm not a fan of plastic, Pamela has definitely got a great little booty to go along with them. A lot of people make fun of her, or even go as far as stating they "detest" her... but how many of them would truthfully say "no thanks," if propositioned by THIS:


Anonymous said...

Another flat pancake ass. First where is her ass. Admit it you like man ass. What is you preoccupation with these no ass women.May I suggest Optometrist. For it seems like you avatar you must be a ugly white man who likes fugly ugly bitches. (bytw this bitch has hepatitis aids) Also any human being in sweat pants crouched over pumping gas will appear to have a round gluteus maxims. This doesn't mean you have a "great ass". Geesh get laid one time or if you can't visit a strip club.Its appears as though you don't get out much.You are a little freak.

But a freak with a ok website LOL:)
Toni braxton was on point.

Just say no to Man ASS friend:)

Anonymous said...

in pics 4, 5, 10 and 11 - dang if that doesn't look like a clear crystal type dildo (wishful thinking?)

EvilCorporateWhore said...

"Another flat pancake ass..."

lol, well if you keep seeing "man-ass" everywhere, i suggest that's something you take up with your therapist. i did enjoy reading your theory, though. that pumping gas automatically makes you look like you have a "great ass." yup, that's a very sane thing to say.

btw, that's not me in my avatar you douchebage, it's John Lennon... and YES, he liked to fuck ugly women. but hey, that was his choice. and even though i've dated a few models, i have to admit they were all pretty slim... i guess i just like very attractive, in shape women. if you prefer the Rosanne Barr/Delta Burke type, well then that's your prerogative.

one last thing, i've probably gotten laid more times in highschool then you have in your entire life... and that wasn't even 1/4 of the amount i had in university. ahh, good times.

lol, cheers mate!