16 August, 2006

Claire Danes' New York Face

I don't know about y'all, but i wouldn't mess with Claire if i saw her walking down the street lookin' like that... She looks right pissed. Claire is a super cute chick we never get to see enough of, i can't even remember what movie she did last - besides for that terminator movie that sucked ass. Speaking of which, she really looks like Linda Hamilton's character from that flick... dont'ya think? Maybe she's pissed because someone painted graffiti all over her wall... blah, great little booty, though.


Anonymous said...

I heard she's down in the dumps because she's under the mistaken impression that I haven't found her to be a young hottie ever since she first appeared on "My So-Called Life" and has only gotten hotter as she gets older.

Silly girl.

Anonymous said...

loved her ever since Romeo and Juliet!

great pics.

Anonymous said...

i think the last movie she did was shopgirl. she nudes up in it.