16 August, 2006

Jessica Biel premiering her Ass

She was also premiering her new film, The Illusionist, but i'm pretty sure most of the people were there to see her ass. Biel keeps getting better and better looking, and she's working like a bitch too... with like 3 movies on the go and more lining up we'll be seeing a lot more of Jessica. Y'know, i don't know why black guys think white chicks have no asses, with girls like Jessica Biel and Stacy Kiebler out there i'd say it's quite the contrary... it's Asian chicks that's the problem. Zero ass.

Some bonus pics arriving at her hotel:


Anonymous said...

Wow, she's really letting her butt get big. She deserves a spankin'!

And a round of applause.

(nice pix!)

Anonymous said...

I'm a black guy & I always thought white women had great asses & Mmmmmm! seeing Jessica's ass just goes to show that it's a fact that "white women have back too" & it's so beautiful to me...So to this black man white women have gorgeous asses & "I love them".

EvilCorporateWhore said...

i agree... her ass is on another level.

Billy Bob said...

nice pics!

she was wearing this outfit on Regis & Kelly today. looked so hot. but you think with her money she could afford another outfit. lol