18 August, 2006

Denise Richards - Momma Mia

It's weird seeing a girl that used to(still does?) give you major wood lugging around a couple screaming kids on each hip... it kinda ruins the mood. I can't tell you why Denise Richards is throwing her kid up in the air whilst laughing in it's face... the poor bastard doesn't seem to really be enjoying it, at all. Maybe she's too shallow to even notice it's crying at the top of his lungs. By the way, are these Charlie Sheens kids? Poor Charlie... i heard Denise really ran him through the gutter during the divorce. I'm telling you right now, never get married... once yo give them a ring they turn into bitches and stop having sex with you. You're OWNED, muthafucka.

Check out Denise Richards in PLAYBOY

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