20 August, 2006

Mischa Barton flaunting the Stems

As i said in my previous Mischa post, this chick has some wicked long legs... and i'm a huge fan of long legs, never been much into the short girls to be honest. There's just something about long, slim, smooth legs that screams femininity. Of course, the rest of Mischa pretty mush says that too. Who would have guessed that the little, dead, pukey girl from Sixth Sense would grow up to be such a babe. Then again... not many people would think that about a 11yr old (or however old she was).


Anonymous said...

This woman is a flower

El_Jefe said...

lol had no idea she was "the little, dead, pukey girl from Sixth Sense" /me slaps himself.

john said...

that was her in 6th sense? I didn't know either.
I think her body is shite though, have you seen her ass? all flabby and cellulite not like Lohan's nice round tight curve.

Anonymous said...

While I agree that she does have a weird-looking butt, I'd still volunteer to lovingly rub it with cellulite cream for her.