31 August, 2006

Diane Lane is a Cyborg

I'm sorry to burst everyone's bubble. After all, it's the only way to explain why she's so fucking hot. It's a natural hot, too... i mean, apart from all the cyborg parts. Normally a woman Diane's age would have needed $180,ooo worth of plastic surgery to look 1/4 this good. What totally gave it away was her eyes... one black, one red... obvious cyborg traits. I don't even care, i'd marry a android if it looked like Diane Lane... wouldn't you? Hollywoodland looks like a shitty movie, but if Lane-bot takes off her clothes, even for a second, i'll be first in the ticket line... cuz' that's how i roll.


Bushman said...

She is Hot no doubt, but the eyes are fucked up.I wonder if one is a artificial replacement.

Anonymous said...

Dude, what's with the nursing home material? GIVE US MORE NICHOLE RICHIE!!

(yep. sarcasm.)

Chiklis said...

If you send ECW $5.00 he can feed NICHOLE RICHIE for two months. So pick up the phone and call right now.

Diane Lane gives love a bad name.

Bruno. said...

She was hit in the eye with a tennis ball in 1980, giving her a permanently dilated pupil.


Source : www.tvguide.com

EvilCorporateWhore said...

thanks for the info Bruno. but doesn't dilation just mean "opened wider?" i was referring to the lighting on her eyes... which i'm guessing was just from the camera flash.

i was joking about the cyborg bit... obviously. :-|