31 August, 2006

Paris Hilton @ the Playboy Mansion

I'm pretty sure Paris looks for every opportunity where she can wear as little clothes as possible... which i guess is alright, since her only real purpose in this life is to provide jerk-off material for all the little boys and girls. Plus, she's most likely an attention whore and if that gas guzzling, ozone destroying , cruise ship she drove up in doesn't draw some camera flashes, she knows her see-through knickers certainly will. I bet this is the first time ever that Hugh Hefner was actually afraid of catching an STD from somebody else.

By the way... how the hell did she end up in her sisters outfit?


EvilCorporateWhore said...

guys, i'm aware this was from Hugh's 80th birthday party back in April... so please no bitching.

el_jefe said...

oh no this whore again....oh well i had not seen these before.

Anonymous said...

More importantly... what is her sister wearing and where are THOSE pics?

Vagina Examiner said...

You mean to tell me for Hef’s 80th Birthday they didn't get him declared mentally incompetent, and thrown in the Old Folks Home? Those girls have to feel real oily, and smell really bad? Not from their personal massage, and body oil’s but from Hef’s constant touching them, and getting his aftershave lotion, and arthritic cream smells all over them?