21 August, 2006

Eva Longoria knows something we Don't

I couldn't really care less that Eva Longoria is suspiciously stocking up on tons of liquids... the most important thing here is how her ass looks in those pants. I'm sure glad there was no strapping young lad to assist her with such a heavy load, we would have missed this golden opportunity. Personally, i don't think Eva should really be upset that some perverted paparazzi is snapping photo's of her booty, i mean, she works so hard to maintain it's glorious shape... why not show it off? When you're a perv... you can find excuses for everything.


Anonymous said...

damn that really gives you an idea of how tiny she is...looks like you could 3 of her in that trunk (sounds fun :)

and from what few interviews I've read, I bet *some* of the pervs looking/taking pics she does enjoy...(keyword some)

Anonymous said...

Is a tank top and winter boots the new look?