21 August, 2006

Kate Beckinsale is half Naked

...and that's a damn good thing. In fact, Kate should never be allowed to be fully clothed. With all the problems in the world today, think of all the humanitarian work Kate would be providing. We could ship her to Iraq so they can just look at her instead of killing one another, also, we could send her to third world countries... an hour of staring at Kate's booty would wipe all those hunger pains away. Of course, she'd make them horny and they'd have more kids... but i'm sure the cracks would get smoothed out down the road. Hey, nobody said saving the world was easy.


Anonymous said...

Finally! A celebrity who knows how to PROPERLY fill out a bikini!

Are you listening, Nicole?


Anonymous said...

She is so sexy, i would love to piss all over her face.