10 August, 2006

Heidi Klum - Esquire

Heidi's on her 3rd pregnancy and still looking extreeemely solid. Obviously these pics were taken a few months ago considering she's now presently almost 5 months preggers. I'm thinking making babies has to be a pretty fun process with a woman like Heidi, she's probably one of the hottest women on the planet... and she seems to bounce back to shape in weeks. Ya'see, guys don't fear knocking up their long-term significant others(usually), it's the extra poundage thats a little nerve racking. This is why personal trainers are a man's best freind.


matty said...

Actually I just read Elle Macpherson is accusing Heidi of using a body double in those shots. At the least I bet there was some major photoshopping going on.

EvilCorporateWhore said...


Heidi has a next to perfect body... why would she need a double? unless of course you mean because she IS infact pregnant. these chould have been taken some time ago, and just released now.

i just don't see a high profile model such as Heidi using a double. if they took these recently, i'm sure they just would have photographed her pregnant. magazined love those kinda shoots.