10 August, 2006

Jessica Biel doesn't like Pantylines

And neither do i! ...and that's why i'm pretty sure we're meant for one another. Jessica Biel is so hot she even works out in thongs(or cammando?!?), i guess when you have an ass like that you really don't want to cover it up with anything... and can you blame her? Biels working on a film about the Iraqi war called Home of the Brave, which sounds right because i think she enjoys playing tough chicks. Check out the trailer here: Trailer


Anonymous said...

Now, I know a lot of you fellers will disagree with me but I'm gonna just say it anyway:

I like her butt.

BillyBob said...

^ i'm gonna guess that's a joke, cuz she's got one of the best asses on the planet!!!

JoeJoe said...

great ass indeed. her chest isn't too bad either. And her eyes. And her lips...basically she's got it all.