02 August, 2006

Jessica Simpson - Transparent Tittays

Well, it's been about 5 minutes since i posted pictures of Jessica Simpson so i might as well get in gear. I swear, there's more candids of celebrities leaving the goddamn Ivy club then anything else. I guess that's where they all meet to talk about how beautiful, rich, and famous they all are. Well, at least for our sake Jessica chose to go sans bra... and you just know she's gonna dump them out sooner or later. Trust me, people will get sick of her and she'll have no choice but to topless... of course, this may all be just wishful thinking.


Anonymous said...

Gosh, I sure hope that this doesn't mean that Ashlee will soon be seen in public wearing an even THINNER dress and showing more skin in some sort of sick, twisted effort to top her sister...

(he said sarcastically)

Adam said...

I like the way you think my friend!

We need to have a tit-off to see which sister has the best breasts. I think it would be close!

Anonymous said...

Ya know how some dudes are into feet. Remember Eddie Murphy in Boomerang.

Jessica would fail in the feet department.

Damn, knarly!!!!