02 August, 2006

Lauren Graham - Rory's mom is Hot

She plays an annoying mom, but a cute one all the same. Many a gent has fantasized about hitting both Rory and Lorelai at the same time... in some, TV fantasy, incestual threesome... uhm, right? Alright, before you call me a pervert for wanting to hit her daughter, "Rory" ...let me inform you that she is 25! I know, it's hard to believe. Well, i guess not that hard, they always get older actors to play young roles... wasn't Luke Perry like 52 when he was on 90210?


Anonymous said...

Years ago, when she was doing that horrible sitcom called "Townies," I walked by her on Melrose and thought she was attractive.

Now, however, she's a stone cold FOX!

Anonymous said...

seriously, any right thinking male or heck...bi/gay female would have to love the idea of Rorie and her mom at the same time.

Anonymous said...

She is hot, looks fine from most any angle and not bad for 40 years old.

"Annoying?" No way! She's a treat. I love that type of personality. Non-dull.

Wonder what she is like IRL?

EvilCorporateWhore said...

i mainly meant their mother/daughter dialogue was annoying.

i agree, she's very cute... these aren't the best pics of her imo.

Anonymous said...

I like that brisk back and forth banter. Aside from the girls and the writing, it is the best thing about the show to me.

Anonymous said...

Yeah...I agree...those are not the best pics...but...maybe that's what you get when you wake up next to her in the a.m.....and that ain't so bad either.

And, yes....gimme a GG three some : GGs and me.