21 August, 2006

Nelly Furtado - Teen Choice Awards

Okay, i think i've figured out why today's kids are so fucking stupid... and they are, don't kid yourself(haha - get it?). So after the hottest chick on the planet, Jessica Alba, tells all the kids "oh, looks aren't really important - teehee, thanks for the hottest chick award!" Nelly Furtado hops up on stage and sings her song about having spontanious, promiscuous sex, with as many people as you can... then adds "Remeber kids, don't be promiscuous... but if you do, wear a condom!" I mean, what... the... fuck. Meh fuck it, at least she looked hot.

Click here to check out Nelly's Performance: Furtado - Teen Choice


el_jefe said...

What the hell are all those whores doing in the Teen Choice Awards?
btw nice ass i see on Nelly Furtado.

EvilCorporateWhore said...

well, apparently teens love whores i guess.

Vagina Examiner said...

Those two girls would be so sexier together! Hopfuly they will do a video together, and I am not talking about a music video for MTV.

Anonymous said...

battle of the asses