04 August, 2006

Sophie Howard - Try not to Stare

I think it's safe to say Sophie understands that she has really great tits. I'm sure she also understands the power she has over 98% of the men she meets. Guys are stupid that way, flop a pair of monster tits in fron of us and we lose all sense of reality. It took me 20 minutes just to start writing this shit. Even though i'm sure there are ass loads of super hot chicks at the Loaded magazine parties, something tells me Sophie stuck out more than just a little. pun definitely intended


Anonymous said...

She's fugly.

Anonymous said...

Is this what you do all day when your not at TPF Evil Corporate Whore? hehe


EvilCorporateWhore said...

she's anything but "fucking ugly" ...get yer eyes checked, man.

and no troy, some of us actually have lives.

Anonymous said...

hurray for big tits!

LotBoy said...


I would hump that hottie till my dick fell off!