28 September, 2006

Angelina Jolie - Still a Classic Beauty

I thought i'd post these classy St. John ads because one, i haven't posted Angelina Jolie in a long time, and two, they are great shots. As you may know by now i tend to frown upon posting actual photo shoots unless they hold some special meaning or they're just really nice... i think these fall under the really nice category. Angelina can pretty much do the classic beauty thing effortlessly, so i think it was a brilliant choice on St. John's part to get her to model their apparel. I bet if Ms. Jolie was selling herpes on the corner of the street, there would be a line-up 4 blocks long... people are pretty fucked up that way. Btw, i don't believe St. Johns sells herpes - but you'd probably have to ask them directly.

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