28 September, 2006

Ashlee Simpson takes on Chicago

I think Ashlee Simpson just knocked herself off my Top 10 Useless Celebrities list( Posted Here ). Performing on stage is one of the most challenging things an actor can do... and i have to give respect to Ashlee for even making the cut. And it's Chicago for god's sake - that's no small time show. Plus, Ashlee does a sexy little cartwheel in tights and short shorts... and since i'm a huge pervert, that might have been enough to get her off my list alone. Now if she'll just do a topless scene she will be off my list for life!


Anonymous said...

Wow, that doesn't look a thing like her in those pictures... pretty hot, though.

And now that we know she can do the splits, I double-dog dare her to try it without pants.

Matty said...

Good stuff. Hadn't seen that split before.

Vagina Examiner said...

She is looking very sexy! I wonder how she is in bed:>)

Anonymous said...

She looks so good, but I have always had a soft (ahem) spot for her. What on earth does Jessica look like now though?!