11 October, 2006

Brooke Hogan does FHM

20 years ago when i was a kid watching Hulk Hogan pound the crap outta Roddy Piper, i never would have guess i'd be posting his totally bangable daughter on an internet blog... hell, the concept of the internet alone would have caused my brain to implode. Anyway, here we are... an interesting fact about this issue was that FHM pushed their alcohol ads to the next issue because Brooke, being their cover girl, isn't even old enough to drink. Another one of the State's crazy laws... you can suck dick on camera when you're 18, but you can't have a beer till you're 21.


Anonymous said...

On the States defense, you probably should be sober when you suck dick.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeh, the Hulks daughter is so totally bangable.

Anonymous said...

That's hilarious...before Hulk was doing the pounding. Now everyone wants to return the favor...only pound his daughter!