30 October, 2006

Hilary & Haylie Duff play Dress-Up

I still can't really tell if i find these chicks attractive or not... i suppose Hilary is cute when she wants to be, but Haylie kinda freaks me out. I'm not sure who Hilary's supposed to be, although with that ghostly make-up and those hideous gypsy clothes, she might be trying to look like one of the Olsen Twins. I guess Haylie is some 80's aerobic slut. Christ, now that i think about it... i'm not even sure these are costumes.


Anonymous said...

your commentary is brilliant. the whole not being to figure out whether they are wearing costumes is genius! You are an amazing writer and this is my favorite website in the world. I am so excited I found it. You are truly a gem in this world. Keep up the magnificent work! ANd this isn't from the blog publisher. This is from a fan.

EvilCorporateWhore said...

wow, is that some kind of reverse form of flaming?

well, of course i didn't write that... i would have wrote favourite, not favorite. so thank you... i think. ;)