12 October, 2006

Jessica Biel can't afford New Clothes

Well, of course that's not true. The great thing about denim is that the more worn it looks - the better it looks. Not many other fabrics can lay claim to that. Even with huge ripped holes, a pair of jeans can look oh so sexy on the right individual... and Jessica certainly qualifies. I'm starting to think i should get a dog - i mean, we already know every celebrity chick and their sister has a goddamn dog, it would probably be a great way to run into one. I heard dog parks were the singles bars of the new millenium... yeah, that's kinda creepy.


Anonymous said...

Old, worn, comfortable look is ok. Homless can't buy new clothes, not so much.

Anonymous said...

I have bad thoughts about her and those big dogs she likes... bad bad thoughts

Tiffany said...

She could wear a garbag bag for all i care... i LOVE her.

thanks ECW!