11 October, 2006

Kate Lawler - Big Bros Babe Bares Boobs

Now say that 5 times fast! I have never watched one episode of Big Brother... nor do i ever plan to, but if Kate ever stripped down in it like she did here - i'm really sorry i missed it. She may not have the developed chest like most of the UK reality chicks we've been seeing, but tits have always been secondary to me anyway - the ass is what really counts. Girls with big tits and big asses always chunk out when they hit 35, it's a fact.


Anonymous said...

I know your lap disapears when you stand or lay down, but i didn't know your bobs were supposed to also!!

Vagina Examiner said...

I don't even watch the show Big Brother but what caught my eye was this girl doing a cartwheel in a bikini! I wonder if she did one with out her bottoms? Any girl that does a cartwheel in a bikini I will be on the look out for!