18 October, 2006

Kate Hudson pumping some Gas!

These aren't the most erotic pics ever(or at all actually), but i like Kate so i thought i'd post her. For some reason the Razzi loves to take pics of celebs pumping their own gas... like it's a rare sighting or something. I dunno, maybe it is. It would have been a lot better if she'd been wearing a bikini or perhaps a slutty maid's outfit... but a frumpy summer dress will have to do. Christ, what the hell's holding it up? Kate's not exactly the tube top type... she just doesn't have the mammaries.


Anonymous said...

I was going to leave it alone...and then you mentioned what a pervert you were
and yet nobody has talked about Kate playing with a big hose, until she gets the liquid out to fill her up?

EvilCorporateWhore said...

hmm, i think that might have been mentioned on the Mena Suvari pumping gas post.

i could be wrong.

Anonymous said...

good call, title of the post "Mena Suvari pumping a big Hose"