06 November, 2006

Mariah Carey is a slutty Fish

Well, at least Mariah Carey's slutty mermaid costume is a fraction more original than some of the outfits we've been seeing... wait a minute, no it's not. In fact, slutty mermaid is just as unoriginal as slutty french maid and slutty nurse. I guess the main point here is that they're sticking with slutty - and considering the talent we're objectifying, i guess we don't really expect anything less.


Anonymous said...

She looks great here. But yeh, maybe something more original then a mermaid, maybe a slutty nun, a nun smock with a low cut neckline, short skirt and a black thong?? OK, now I really am going to hell.

Zed said...

Oh yeah!

That would be nice. Nothing finer than a slutty Nun. :)