06 November, 2006

Pamela Anderson has great Legs

Old Pammy may have hacked her tits all to hell, but she's still got a killer ass and a great pair of legs. I try not to be too hard on Pamela because she's a fellow Canadian, and although she may appear to be brain dead at times i'm pretty sure it's just an act. Haters will poke fun of her promiscuous lifestyle yet she's always been in a relationship - and remember, it was Tommy who gave her the STD.


Anonymous said...

She sure does. Everyone focuses on her titties, and they neglect those gorgeous legs and amazingly yummy behind of hers. Good call!

Clay H. said...

You are so right about Pamela's gorgeous legs & very very cute ass & Mmmmmm! I think she has the prettiest toes, I would pay to give Pamela a foot massage with my tongue.

vanhouseip said...

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