16 December, 2006

Brooke Hogan rocks the Jingle Ball

It's still hard for me to post pics of Hulk Hogan's daughter... 'cuz that's what she'll always be to me, not Brooke, just Hulk's daughter. She's definitely an attractive girl, a little thick for my tastes, but still attractive. I've never heard her sing, and until i do i'm just going to assume that she sucks... if you ask me, she should get into female wrestling, she's definitely built for it.


Anonymous said...

Is she dropping a duce in that second picture or is she trying to get her shorts out of the crack of her ass?

pyrofenix said...

Brooke Hogan is a little thick for you? You like them like twigs? Given the fact that she's almost 6' - she looks great!