03 December, 2006

Hayden Penettiere - GQ Man of the Year

I'm not sure why Hayden would be attending the GQ Man of the Year awards, but i guess any publicity is good publicity. Of course, before playing the adorable little cheerleader on Heroes, Hayden played another adorable little cheerleader in the third installment of Bring it On(yeah i know, there made three of those?). I guess people still love their little blonde cheerleaders.


Anonymous said...

Oh man, Hayden was so hot in Bring It On. She's got such an innocent face.

icp78910 said...

I'm not sure how I know this, but I heard she hoed Tommy Lee on VH1's Big in 2006. I laughed at it because it was funny. Again, let me stress that I did not watch that show.

TaiPan said...

ECW is da man!

I love this little slut, i love underage girls in general!