24 September, 2008

Brooke Shields - The Blue Lagoon

I will be updating the blog very soon... in case there was somebody out there getting impatient. I've been a little preoccupied lately. Anyway, here's a Brooke Shields montage I made from the film The Blue Lagoon. I don't care how old she was... she was smoking hot - and no, she never actually did any nudity in that movie.

By the way, this is the lower quality version - I think everyone should have at least a half decent connection speed by now... so if you wanna check out the higher quality version there's a link below the video on YouTube: Brooke Shields - The Blue Lagoon


alotta said...

One of the better songs of all-time. I don't think your blog is working. It seems like it's just you and me and I'm only posting because I'm bed-ridden with some fucking virus. Still, it's better than you being dead.

ECW said...

there are other people... lol. just nobody bothers commenting. even when i had like 20-30,000 unique hits per day only like 10 people would comment.

after my hiatus i'm lucky if i get 150 unique hits per day now... but it's my own fault, i haven't been advertising at all, i just don't have the motivation. i need to get on the ball!

Anonymous said...

This chick was hot at every age! Even in Pretty Baby, you guys need to see that movie.