08 June, 2006

Rachel Stevens Rockin' a Bikini

I have to be honest, before this post i didn't know who Rachel Stevens was. Apparently this English cutie was in that shitty band S Club 7... they were a band, right? Anyway, a quick google search brought up some nice pics, and it appears she's gained a few pounds, er, is it £'s? Whatever it is, i'm sure there will be many that like the "healthy" look, the same freaks that thought the beached whale pics of Kelly Clarkson were nice. *shivers*


Anonymous said...

finally someone said it, she is just fat!!!!!!

Audra said...

Dude, fuck you. I think she looks great. Maybe she has gained a few pounds, so what? At least she has curves!! At least she doesn't fucking starve herself, or puke up her food just to be underweight. I respect Rachel because she is not like the rest of those fucking annorexic bitches you call "hott". Dude, get over yourself really. No, she is not fat, she is healthy and beautiful and anyone who thinks different needs go fuck themselves. Anything to say...punksunite24@yahoo.com